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About Belinda


Belinda Ch'ng-Bruh, founder of Art of Style.


Belinda introduces style and modernity to her clients, never over dressing them. She aims for elegance, as one can be overdressed, but never be too elegant!

Having graduated as a fashion designer in London, Belinda has years of experience in designing clothing and accessories lines. Her collections were enormously successful throughout Europe.

One of Belinda’s greatest assets is her passion for whatever she undertakes. She delights in helping the transformation of her clients, and seeing the results in their increased confidence and self-esteem. Being an artist she naturally strives for both the sensual and the visual - vital ingredients when maximum impact is required.

Belinda has a special touch with people and great insight into the styling of everyday women and men. How to dress and look stylish is an art, and Belinda practices it with a combination of talent, flair and natural intuition. She also has a keen eye for matching your style to your personality, not just your external appearance. A lifestyle change requires confidence. Belinda will guide you through the process with ease, humour and grace, and your confidence and style will be revitalised. After which, the rest come easily!

P.S (Belinda says....) My top team of stylists is headed by myself and Liz Forster who also has many years of experience in all aspects of the fashion industry. Liz has a great sense of flair and shares my passion and joy in seeing the transformation take place in others. Having worked together as a team for many years in the fashion industry.... when it comes to image transformation we are on exactly the same wavelength.... what more can you ask?!!!


We are ready when you are.... Art of Style will change your life!!


An affiliate member of The Federation of Image Consultants (TFIC)


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