Corporate Image

Image & Style Consultancy
London Image Stylist

Accentuate the positive!
Professionalism goes hand in hand with good grooming and style.

Look good .... Feel good, it's a boost to our ego. A vital ingredient to secure the belief of clients in the product you wish to promote. In an image driven world, first impressions count! .... They are lasting!

People's image represents the company's profile and product. Appearance gives credibility and helps to bring success to the brand and the company's image.

Confidence is all, our expert stylists at Art of Style can create an impressive visual transformation which will maximise the feel good factor throughout your business environment. Well groomed and stylish personnel are a great asset to any company.

Art of Style's philosophy for a good corporate image

  • What to wear in business and how to wear it well!
  • Addressing the importance of colour
  • The importance of business accessories
  • Advice on personal grooming
  • Projecting the right image for your market place
  • Presenting your product with confidence

The expert consultants at Art of Style will be delighted to create a programme to cater for your company's specific needs.After assessing your brief and budget, Art of Style will be happy to give a full presentation to your company.

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