For Men

How to master your style and grooming....

Business standards for dressing, which have endured for generations have now become more relaxed. Smart/casual dressing is the trend, and easy styling is here to stay. Our stylists will advise you on your "new look "which will enable you to feel less "dressed-up", but still able to command respect in the work place and make your leisure time as relaxed as it should be. Together with style must come good grooming!! Our stylists will advise you on the importance of skin care and hair styles that will enhance your face shape and features.

Accessories may seem to be a minor part of styling, but in fact they are of major importance. Our stylists will give you invaluable advice from accessories to footwear in harmony, with effortless imagination on their behalf, you will be transformed and energised.

The total effect is of subtle styling giving you a personal sense of dressing for all occasions. Not forgetting the understanding of the fundamentals which are physique and complexion. As proportions determine any garment's potential, Compromise on quality but never on proportion.
Colour is one of the least understood theories in men's styling. It must have appeal and complement the complexion.

To complete your new image.... our stylists can visit your home to go through your wardrobe. Within a few short hours it will be liberated and carefully co-ordinated.

To fill the gap created in your wardrobe "sweep out" our stylists do advanced research at the best shops to suit your style and budget. Then take you there to select the styles that best suit your image and lifestyle

Art of Style will help make your transformation an easy and enjoyable experience.

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