Image Makeover

Your personalised makeover will leave you totally streamlined and able to handle all style/fashion scenarios with confidence!!

Our stylists will also give you an understanding of your physique and complexion. This fundamental advice is all important as colour must complement our skin tone. Our stylists will visit your home, and go through your wardrobe with great care, helping you to co-ordinate your clothes and "sweep away" all those dreadful mistake and ill chosen colours.

To complete your image make-over. We will arrange the following:-

After an in-depth research of the shops/boutiques, you will be taken by your stylist to view and try on the clothes she has carefully selected for you. From the perfect shapes to the most flattering colours, we at Art of Style never over dressed....we aim for can never be over elegant! The "new you" starts here!!

Fashion is transient..... Style is forever! With the right personalised advice that Art of Style can give you, you will wear your new image with Attitude. Your confidence will grow, knowing you have been advised by great stylists on what to wear and how to wear it well. Enabling you to go forward with an enduring sense of style.

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