Personal Image Consultant

Is your wardrobe packed to the hilt with loads of OUTDATED clothes that you are scared to give to the charity shop, just in case you may want to wear them again?!.... Forget it!!
So, you are stuck in a time warp - (not to mention a rut!). Don't worry.... Our Art of Style consultants are on hand to guide you from chaos to calmness.

Within a few short hours, with the expert help we provide you and your wardrobe will be LIBERATED! You will be advised by one of our great stylist on how to co-ordinate your clothes in a way that works for you and your lifestyle.
Clothes are meant to enhance you, not to take you over.
Our stylists ensure above all that your personality and your own sense of style are paramount.

Our concept for todays dressing, is to build your wardrobe in response to your needs... which will take you through from day to dinner, workday to weekend leisure time and also making your wardrobe work for you throughout the season! Our status reflects our lifestyle and the many things we wish to achieve. The different clothes we need in our wardrobe must help to maximise our strength and confidence.
Art of Style will help you through with ease and grace to go forward with pride in the lifestyle you lead.

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