Image Consultant

Art of style's team of stylists will give expert advice on how you should dress to accommodate your body shape and proportions. Discovering your own body silhouette is invaluable, enabling you to understand the line best suited to your figure.... making the best of you!.... Learn to love yourself.... you are WORTHY!

Your own unique style will be honed by our experts, taking into consideration the colours that complement your skin tone. We will show you the seductive use of will dare to wear! The help and advice given will maximise the impact on your new way of dressing and your lifestyle.... boosting your confidence and self-esteem!

Accessories may seem to be a minor part of styling, but in fact they are of major importance. Our stylists will advise you on ways to use accessories to complement and create a variation of looks.

Your personal stylist will analyse "your inner self" and bring out your own special personality and sense of style.... your individuality is paramount!

Art of Style will help you to dress in style.... EFFORTLESSLY!!

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