What Is Art Of Style?

Image & Style Consultancy

Art of Style is a leading London based consultancy which gives tailored advice on all aspects of grooming and style. First impressions matter, and looking one’s best will boost anyone’s confidence and self-esteem. It feels great, and it’s fun. We enable you to create your own special look and image. Our goal is to make the best possible impact on your lifestyle! 


TOP TO TOE.... our team of personal stylists are highly qualified and can assist you with your own unique makeover. From customised styling, to the WOW factor! Let's top up your gorgeousness!!

REVAMP YOUR WARDROBE.... Instead of being a three volume novel, your wardrobe should be a short story in which every piece fits perfectly. Build your wardrobe in response to your needs.... we are here to help!

IMAGE WITH ATTITUDE.... to understand your physique and complexion are fundamental. We provide personalised advice on colour, what to wear, and how to wear it well! We will enable you to go forward with an enduring sense of style. There are hundred of ways to wear your clothes. We at Art of Style will guide you to your own unique look. Fashion is transient Style is forever!!

STYLE SHOP ATTACK.... We identify your style biography and research which boutiques/shops are best for both your image and your budget. To be noticed, one must be difference! Art of Style will show you how. No more expensive mistakes!!

FOR MEN!!.... Master your style and grooming for business and leisure time. Our stylists are on hand to help you to achieve the look to which you aspire.

YOU & YOUR WEDDING.... For your perfect day we can style for the entire wedding.... from maids to mums!!! Not to forget the groom.... we can show him the ART OF STYLE too!!

CORPORATE IMAGE.... Confidence is all.... People's image represents the company's profile and product.... Customers will always respond to a positive attitude. This brings credibility and success to the brand and the company's image!

Our experts are on hand to advise on sourcing and shopping for those special gifts.... this exclusive service is available to both corporate and private clients.

ART OF STYLE GIFT CARDS.... A perfect gift for friends and loved ones....
Pamper them!!
Gift cards are available at £25, £50 and £100 and for compete service packages, such as wardrobe consulting, styling or shopping.


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