London Image Consultant

The most important day of your life.... IT MUST BE PERFECT!!!
Art of Style can guide you through all the stresses and strains involved in such an auspicious day!

From your dream dress to your maids and mums ensembles, our expert stylists can do it all.... No hassle .... just feel free to enjoy the experience.

Choosing the correct colour for your special dress is of vital importance. It must enhance your complexion. Your physique will also be accentuated; an analysis of your bodyline will be given to ensure the most fabulous silhouettes are selected to give you the maximum impact....high on style .... We will top up your gorgeousness!!!

Mums and maids .... have no worries .... Our stylists will ensure complete colour co-ordination and personalised styling for all. They will be styled to the highest standard and will be proud to be seen by you at your fantastic wedding !

Not to forget your groom! .... We can show him the Art of Style too!

Art of Style will ensure your wedding will be a day to remember for the rest of your life.... great memories of your most fabulous day!

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