We are proud to share some of these lovely long and short messages from our very satisfied clients...

Belinda has an instinctive eye when it comes to styling. Her sense of aesthetics and eye for proportion and detail enable her to see beyond a piece on a hanger and instead to visualise a (perfectly polished) finished outfit. She is rigorous in her approach, honest and always manages to add that little extra “je ne sais quoi” to make an outfit look great.

Belinda is as expert at knowing when not to buy as when to do so, which is a priceless attribute for all those who are prone to having their heads turned by fashion and who have made expensive mistakes!

Belinda will not stop until she is happy with an ensemble and her approach to customer service goes way, way beyond what she is paid to do. When she takes a client on, she takes on the whole person and is genuinely concerned for them to look the best they can possibly look.

I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone going shopping or simply wanting to make the best out of their wardrobe.

Susanna Adam Bassoe



“Working with Belinda has completely transformed both my wardrobe & my attitude towards fashion (oh & for the first time in my life I get lots of compliments about what I’m wearing!).

When I say transformed, I mean it literally. Belinda knows how to start with what you have and build in key items (or if like me you’re happy to ‘start again’) & go from there.

Belinda is very personable & not at all pushy, just encouraging/suggesting things to you without ever making you feel uncomfortable.

Without changing my body shape I have found myself gradually (over the year she’s been my stylist) changing how I dress & having more fun, confidence & creativity with it....dare I say ‘enjoying dressing’. This might sound strange to some people who love fashion & clothes but my attitude had always been for the most part a case of ‘oh what can I wear today to cover this part/that part’....never mind what might be fashionable or not!

Belinda also knows exactly what’s trending (if that’s what you’re looking for) & understands how to adapt that to what suits you, your body shape & your personality (& level of confidence).

As I said at the beginning Belinda has completely transformed my wardrobe & my attitude towards fashion/style/dressing helping me put the best version of myself out into the world. I’m looking forward to my next session with her!”

Susan Hickey

Vlogger | Edutainer | Entrepreneur


I was gifted a couple of hours with Belinda for my birthday, something I probably would have been sceptical about & never entertained, as a driven career-led male. My profession demands that I look both smart, yet ‘creative’ too - something I now realise I hadn’t managed to achieve with my limited understanding of fashion (should that be style or another word?) ...pre-Belinda! The first thing I would endorse about her is she is so accessible, warm, friendly and really keen to understand the ‘person’ (in this case me) - so the transition to the beginnings of a new look - never felt forced or unnatural. She took great care to understand my existing wardrobe, what I liked/disliked, what I felt were the challenges I needed to overcome. Then when I met Belinda, I immediately felt confident she knew exactly what she was doing & instinctively understood my situation. She also nurtured my ‘newb’ naivety with great sensitivity from start to finish. BUT the biggest compliment I could pay her, is that I have received countless compliments about my outfits - from different people - from all walks of life. This highlights the importance of what she brings to the table. We think nothing about finding a great personal trainer to keep fit, or finding that amazing training course or whatever we think we need to help our personal & professional development. For me, Belinda is now a crucial part of this process. In this ever-increasingly visually-led world (whether we like it or not) we WILL be judged by how we look. Don’t leave that to chance - let Belinda help you be the best you can be.

Peter Stone

Co-Founder/Owner at GoCreateAcademy


Thanks Belinda 😉
You have given me so much confident and have help me to discover my own sense of style that I am comfortable in. I can't thank you enough! Life feel good now.

S Wilson

Senior Marketing Manager

"I was worried about not finding the right stylist"
Belinda could not have been more perfect. She has managed to put together amazing outfits from my wardrobe that I will never even thought about it. She has made me look at styling myself in a whole new way. I cannot recommend her enough.


Property Manager


"Belinda was great!! She was very understanding and we had a great time. My wife is looking radiant and everyone has noticed her changes already. Belinda has certainly done an amazing work in transforming my wife and it has totally boost her confident. We will definitely be in contact again when we next visit london"

J Ukwenya



"Thanks to Belinda, I am looking so much more stylish and feeling more confident in almost every situation; getting Belinda to help me has been an excellent investment. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who needs some confidence and/or advice on the style front"


Investment Banker


"I have now worn all the my new items; I feel so fantastic just knowing i look great !!
Thank you for all your help and wonderful styling technique!!! BRAVO !!


Investment Banker - Switzerland


"I really enjoyed my session with Belinda yesterday. She has given me lots of confidence to pursue my style. I really look forward to my wardrobe style shopping with her...cant't wait!!! "




"I cannot thank Belinda enough for her excellent styling advice and guidance"
"I am absolutely delighted with every single item we have purchased ...they are fantastic"
"I have completely changed the way I thought about dressing...thanks to Belinda!! "I look forward to our next shopping session"


Financial Adviser


"Belinda was fantastic, she had great understanding of what I wanted to achieve in terms of my personal "brand"
I had a great shopping experience and my new wardrobe has totally transformed my image and my style.
I am filled with great confidence."


Usability Manager


"The invaluable experience with Belinda has totally transformed my wardrobe ...i feel fantastic!!"
"The great feeling of freedom and confidence is overwhelming ! "
"I can't wait till our next wardrobe shopping together"


Marketing Manager


"I contacted Belinda when I found myself in a complete fashion rut. I wanted to feel more current, and was desperate to better understand what suited me. The process of reviewing my wardrobe, redefining and evolving my look, was totally transformational. I feel more confident, sexy and comfortable in both social and professional environments. Belinda is an incredibly gifted stylist, and i have thoroughly enjoyed reaping the compliments for her work!"

S Holland