What Can Art Of Style Do?

Wardrobe Styling for Women

Your personal stylist will analyse “your inner self ” and bring out your own special personality and sense of style… you will be given expert advice on how you should dress to accommodate your body shape and proportions. Discovering your own body silhouette is invaluable, enabling you to understand the line best suited to your figure…making the best of you!

Exploring what you already have, you will learn what is working, what doesn’t and what we need on the priority shopping list.

You will be advice on the best way to organize your wardrobe, so it is effortless and stress free and ready to be refreshed with the new items your require.

Depending on your existing wardrobe and your goal, a minimum of 3 hours initial session is required We will be totally honest, but kind and tactful.

Our primary objective is to get you feeling and looking great!